Testing and Certification

Including thermal imaging

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We offer a large range of testing services that enable you to maintain high standards of safety and comply with legal obligations and insurance requirements.

As an Approved Contractor working under the governing body of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), we pride ourselves in understanding and advising our clients on their legal obligations and keeping them ahead of the ever changing statutory regulations.

All certification and reports are issued electronically, with the option of a paper copy (reducing paper usage is embraced as part of our environmental policy).

Our qualified and highly skilled engineers are able to offer the following testing with all necessary reports and certification being issued:

· Portable Appliance Tests (PAT Testing)

· Electrical Condition Report (Periodic 5 year fixed wiring test)

· Minor works certificate

· Electrical installation certificate

· Fire alarm testing and commissioning certification

· Emergency lighting testing and certification

· Lightning protection conductor reports and certificates.


Thermal Imaging

One advanced and effective method of helping to detect, fix and prevent equipment failure is through conducting an electrical thermal imaging survey.

This involves using a thermal imaging camera to detect surface temperatures and as electrical equipment tends to heat up before it fails – this is an advanced means of predicting future failure. Thermal imaging helps to prevent costly shutdowns and outages.

Using infrared technology on electrical infrastructure is a renowned method of preventative maintenance. When carried out correctly, it is a very effective method of fault finding, prior to equipment failure.